Extended Validation Deployment Guide

EV Digital Server Certificates greet your website visitors with the highest level of organization validation which inspires trust. Below are the most common tips to implement when deploying your EV certificate. When you are ready to deploy your VikingCloud™ EV certificate to your web server these instructions will help ensure your success and the proper display of that trust to your customers.

Please contact customer support if the following information does not allow you to resolve issues with your EV Digital Server certificate. Our toll-free support number is: 866-775-2378

1. EV Certificate Installation

When your order is first placed with VikingCloud, you will be given a standard (non EV) digital server certificate to deploy while your EV digital certificate is being prepared. Ensure that you remove this certificate once you receive the VikingCloud email delivering your final EV digital certificate.

(HINT) You can check that the certificate you deployed is an EV certificate by opening it with the Microsoft Management Console (on windows) and looking at the contents of the SUBJECT field to verify that it contains the following string "". If that string is not present, your certificate is not an EV and you should request an EV digital certificate from VikingCloud.

This portion of the certificate installation process is exactly the same as the installation of any other type of certificate and you should follow the certificate installation instructions for your specific server.

2. Use https Exclusively

Make sure that your page is loading everything over secure https. You must ensure that everything included in the page, including images and scripts from third party sites, is retrieved over secure https.

3. VikingCloud Site Seal

To maximize trust in your site, you should include a VikingCloud Site Seal.

Instructions on installation of the VikingCloud Site Seal.