Renew Digital Certificate

Renew Your Digital Certificate Early and Save

Is your current digital certificate expiring? Renew your Digital Certificate with VikingCloud™ to ensure uninterrupted security for your customers. You can renew up to 90 days before your digital certificate expires and we will add the remaining days to the new digital certificate's validity duration for up to a total validity of 398 days on the new certificate.

Digital Certificate Renewal Pricing

Please refer to your renewal email or contact us if you are unsure about what type of digital certificate to renew.

Digital Server Certificates
EV $259.00/yr
Wildcard $499.99/yr
Organization Validation $174.99/yr
Domain Validation $49.99/yr

Code Signing Certificate Renewal Pricing

Code Signing Certificates
Code Signing (Authenticode, Java, AIR) From $239.20/yr