Secure Email Certificates

Mitigate Phishing and Fraud Ensure privacy for your messages Verify the sender of emails
Free Technical Support Enterprise class management tools
2 Year Price 1 Year Price
($35.98 total)
Do you need more than 25 Email IDs? If so, please contact VikingCloud™ Sales.

Secure Email Certificates (S/MIME)

VikingCloud™ Secure Email Certificates allow you and your organization to secure your email communications in a cost-effective manner. With this certificate, you can ensure the privacy of both your email messages and attachments quickly and effortlessly. Additionally, our certificates function as source verification for the sender of the email and are extremely helpful in mitigating the phishing and email spoofing threats abundant on-line.

Your VikingCloud Secure Email Certificate comes with the same enterprise level PKI management, (VikingCloud Control Center) available on our server certificates and best-in-class support. From individuals to Enterprises the ease, convenience, and effectiveness of securing your email with VikingCloud is unmatched.

VikingCloud Secure Email Certificates are offered with 1 and 2 year durations.

Great Management Tools

The VikingCloud Secure Email Certificates are provisioned by you through our Control Center. If you are buying a multi-pack for your organization, they will be emailed a secure link to a self service portal where they can download and install their Certificate. You will have complete reporting visibility into who has enrolled, and when they were issued within the VikingCloud Control Center.

VikingCloud Secure Email Certificates are not eligible for refund at this time.