Private Certificate Authority

Keep your companies internal data safe with simplified, next-generation server security.

In a world of constant connectivity, cyber risks are ever-expanding. Sensitive data is continually flowing between sensors, servers, and users. And IoT devices have introduced a host of new vulnerabilities that could open the door to a cyber-attack.

This enhanced threat environment requires a strong security posture. The SecureTrust Private Certificate Authority (CA) helps businesses protect their private information and reduce the risk that their networks could be compromised. Hosted on the same infrastructure as our public certificates, our Private CA offers the highest level of assurance and security.


Tighter Security

SecureTrust will build and maintain your Private CA on the same robust, audited infrastructure that hosts our Public CAs, securing your internal network and encrypting your IoT devices with industry-leading practices. But you will also benefit from the additional levels of security a Private CA offers. Private Certificates allow you to lock down your internal devices to only trust your Private CA certificate during communications giving you more control over your facility and greater peace of mind. Also, private certificates are not registered on public logs, so you can keep your internal domains secret.

Longer Life

SecureTrust offers the flexibility your business needs by offering 1-year, 3-year, 5-year, 8-year, and 10-year private certificates, while public certificates are limited to 1 year. Plus, SecureTrust certificates plans include unlimited re-issues and server licenses to accommodate your companies needs as it changes and grows.

Simplified Process

Maintaining a homegrown Private CA is an extra burden for your IT team. And using a variety of vendors can complicate the certificate management process. The SecureTrust Private CA streamlines certificate tracking and lifecycle management with simple web-based tools. Our Control Center lets you request, revoke, and renew certificates quickly and easily when you need them. And allows you to maintain both your public and private certificates with one interface.

World-class Customer Service

The SecureTrust team will work with you to create a customized solution that will meet the unique needs of your business. Once you are set up, the certificate requests are self-run but our technical team is available 24/7 to address any issues that might arise.

Please contact SecureTrust Sales for more information on how to get started.