VikingCloud Control Center

Securing your websites and network resources can be overwhelming, which makes certificate lifecycle management a critical task. Certificate lifecycle management through the VikingCloud Control Center simplifies the entire process. As a managed, cloud-based solution, Control Center automates the discovery and management of your organization’s certificates.


Detects all certificates on your network by performing IP, port, host, and Domain Name System (DNS) scanning. Detection allows you to determine which assets are associated with which certificates and the Certificate Authorities that issued them. You can then quickly locate and decommission non-compliant certificates and initiate any necessary renewals.


Centralizes certificate management and can issue, revoke, and renew any VikingCloud certificate. Through its automated certificate management capabilities, Control Center helps eliminate manual certificate management tasks to streamline the process and increase availability, productivity and efficiency.

Certificate Signing Request (CSR)

Control Center will parse your CSR and ensure it will work for the product type you have purchased. If an issue is found, we will provide you some easy to understand instructions on how to correct the problem and issue your certificate quickly.

Certificate Installation

Our integrated live chat, server installation support documents, and our powerful, easy to use interface allows you to get the properly formatted (for your server) issued certificate in seconds.


Renewal notifications contain a direct link to the expiring certificate where one-click is all you need to renew. Or, use the search tool to locate your certificate, click the renew button and upload the CSR. Typically, previous validation evidence is reused providing exceptionally fast issuance.

Summary of features:

  • Requests for new, reissued, or renewed certificates
  • The ability to search certificates and export reports
  • Expiring and expired certificates are searchable, sortable and exportable
  • Easily renew and reissue any certificate
  • Requestor/Approver workflow capabilities
  • Manage metadata
  • Easy validation with full visibility of progress and status
  • API integration available for increased automation and efficiency
  • Full role-based access for unlimited users