Certificate Lifecycle Management

As network environments continue to expand, securing digital communications between components increases in complexity. Digital certificates establish the credentials of network components and ensure the secure transmission of sensitive information between client and server through identity authentication and data encryption.

A large deployment of digital certificates and private keys must be managed and doing so taxes an organization's time and resources. Managing multiple certificates with differing expiration dates issued by different vendors challenges even the most sophisticated enterprise.

Many organizations institute a Managed Public Key Infrastructure (MPKI) initiative to alleviate the strain. However, much of an MPKI initiative involves tedious, resource-intensive tasks. Failing to complete those tasks can result in the expiration of certificates that can put your network at risk, knock your organization out of compliance, make servers and other network assets unavailable and damage your brand due to network downtime.

VikingCloud™ Certificate Lifecycle Management

VikingCloud Managed PKI Portal automates the tedious to ensure your organization's up-time, compliance and efficient use of internal staff.

VikingCloud augments your certificate management initiatives by monitoring all certificates deployed across your network and automating a number of key processes:

  • Discovery - Automated audit of your IT infrastructure for deployed certificates
  • Analysis - Policy enforcement via asset monitoring and application of your policies
  • Management - Certificate Lifecycle Management via issuance, revocation and renewal of certificates
    • Digital certificate request
    • Digital certificate approval and workflow
    • Digital certificate expiration monitoring and notification

VikingCloud automates the certificate lifecycle through an on-demand security solution accessed via Web browser. The VikingCloud solution centrally controls certificate provisioning and can be tailored to work with your organization's existing processes.

VikingCloud Managed PKI benefits your organization by:

  • Eliminating server/application downtime due to certificate expiration
  • Protecting your brand by ensuring the availability of public-facing resources
  • Reducing your organization's risk of non-compliance
  • Ensuring certificates are issued via established processes and procedures
  • Central purchasing ensures your organization takes advantage of volume discounts
  • Free IT staff to focus on core competencies rather than tedious certificate tasks
  • Protecting your brand against damage caused by unavailable network assets

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