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1 Year Price

Do you need to manage large quantities of server certificates? If so, please contact us at VikingCloudâ„¢ Sales.

Domain Validation (DV) Server Certificate

VikingCloud Domain Validation Server Certificates provide everything you will need to protect your domains, enable https, and display the padlock icon on your site. They are a quick and easy way to provide encryption on your site and protect your users. Every VikingCloud server certificate also includes a dynamic security site seal to give your customers confidence in your site's security.

The VikingCloud Domain Validation Server Certificates feature 256-Bit encryption. All our server certificates come with free reissues for the life of the certificate.

Quick Issuance

VikingCloud Domain Validation Server Certificates are a fast way to provide secure connections on your site. Once proof of domain ownership is confirmed and your domain passes validation checks, your certificate is automatically issued.

Free Reissues For Life

VikingCloud offers you free server certificate reissues for any reason. Did your server crash and you lost your private key? Simply login to the VikingCloud Control Center and you can quickly reissue your certificate so you're back in business with minimal downtime.

Upgrade Your Order

Are you considering the VikingCloud Domain Validation server certificate? Did you know that for $125 more per year you can get a VikingCloud Organization Validation (OV) server certificate. OV certificates protect your domains as well as provide identify verification and come with an identification and a 30 day money back guarantee. VikingCloud's OV certificate base offering allow for up to 5 domains and their www equivalent domains to be issued in one certificate. Learn more here→