VikingCloud™ Reseller Quick Cart

The Easiest Way To Resell Digital Certificates!

The VikingCloud Quick Cart is the easiest way to begin selling Digital Certificates on your website. The Quick Cart system provides you a link to the VikingCloud shopping cart. You can send your customers to a portal with your pricing. It is all under your control. Every purchase made through the quick cart adds credit to your reseller account. It couldn't be any easier to sell Digital Certificates.

Complete the form to the right, to get your own Reseller Quick Cart and become a pay-as-you-go Reseller.

The pay-as-you-go reseller program provides the following features:

  • No commitment
  • Credit Card payment
  • Partner shopping cart available;
    requires no merchant account or development!
  • Aggressive pricing plan

The VikingCloud Partner API, 100% integration.

If you plan of purchasing over 100 Digital Certificates or you expect your customers to do so, you can also upgrade to a premium partner account and use the VikingCloud Partner API for 100% integration into your website. This provides a transparent process and you can handle the billing. There is no better way to transparently bundle VikingCloud Digital Certificates into your packages.

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