Qmail SMTP

Preparing for Installation

To install your VikingCloud™ Digital Server certificate on QMail, you need either the .zip file that you received in your email from VikingCloud or you can download it within the VikingCloud Control Center. The .PEM file in the .zip file contains the "PEM Concatenated" certificate and the intermediate certificate.

Now, locate the private key you created when you made the CSR. Open it in a suitable text editor - such as vi, nano, or pico - and copy the entire text. Be sure to include every line, even the beginning and ending dashed lines.

With your private key still on the clipboard, close your text editor and open your PEM Concatenated file that you downloaded from the VikingCloud™ Control Center. At the beginning of the file, paste in your private key. The file should look something like this when you are finished:

*** Your private key data 
*** Your actual VikingCloud Digital Server Certificate
*** VikingCloud Intermediate Certificate

Once you have pasted in the private key at the top of the file, save it and close the text editor. Move the file to your /var/qmail/control/ folder.

Install your VikingCloud Digital Server certificate

In your /var/qmail/control/ folder, you should now have the file you created in the previous step. Rename your original certificate file (usually servercert.pem) to something else - maybe servercert_old.pem. Now, take the file that you created in the previous step and rename it to servercert.pem.

Completing the installation

To finish the installation, simply restart qmail. This is done on most systems by running qmail restart as root, but some other systems may require you to use /etc/init.d/qmail restart or even /etc/rc.d/init.d/qmail restart.