Cisco Secure Access Control Server (ACS)

Reviewing the files received from VikingCloud™

When your certificate is issued, we will email a zip file. The file ending in .p7b will not be needed for this installation, so you may delete it now if you wish.

You will need the file ending in .cer for this installation. The .cer file is your actual certificate.

Install your VikingCloud Digital Server Certificate

Click "System Configuration" in the navigation bar and click "ACS Certificate Setup". Click "Install ACS Certificate" and choose the "Read certificate from file" option. Then provide the full path and filename of the .cer file which was emailed to you by VikingCloud. Also, provide the full path and filename to the private key which you generated while making the CSR. The password for that private key will also need to be entered on that page.

When you click submit, your new certificate will be installed.