Digital Server Certificate Installation

Oracle Weblogic

Preparing to install your VikingCloud™ digital certificate

To install your VikingCloud digital certificate, you will need to download your certificate in PEM concatenated form from the VikingCloud Control Center.

Once you have downloaded your certificate from the VikingCloud Control Center, you will need to copy the file to your server in the \wlserver6.0\config\mydomain directory. We also recommend that you set the file permissions so that the system user is the only one able to access the file.

Configuring the SSL/TLS Protocol

In the SSL tab of the Server Configuration, you will need to set a few options.

First, set the "Server Certificate File Name" field to the full path and filename of the PEM concatenated certificate which you downloaded from the VikingCloud™ Control Center.

In the "Server Key File Name" field, enter the full path and filename to the private key that you made when you created your CSR.

Be sure to enable SSL/TLS and set the SSL/TLS listen port to 443. We recommend not enforcing client certificates unless your application truly requires it.

Reboot the Weblogic server to install your new digital certificate.