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Buy Digital Certificates

VikingCloud™ provides fully validated Server Certificates and Code Signing Certificates
VikingCloud is a globally trusted brand for Internet security and compliance. You can buy your digital certificates with confidence from VikingCloud knowing that they will be widely accepted and be issued from one of the most trusted brands on the Internet.

Ordering digital certificates is easy, just choose the product that best fits your needs from the list below and click the Buy Now link. Every product includes:
  • VikingCloud Provides World Class Expert Support
  • Free Trusted Commerce® Site Seal
  • Free Re-Issues For Life
  • Full Certificate Warranties

Extended Validation

Extended Validation (EV) Server Certificate to secure up to 5 domains and their www equivalents with the highest level of organization validation.
Starting at $425.00/yr

Organization Validation

Fully validated Server Certificate to secure up to 5 domains and their www equivalents.
Starting at $155.00/yr


Fully validated Server Certificate to secure many sub-domains, with one certificate.
Starting at $589.00/yr

Domain Validation

Domain validated Server Certificate to secure one domain and its www equivalent.
Starting at $400.00/yr
VikingCloud is your secure source for digital certificates whether you need to buy digital certificates for the first time or you need to renew digital certificates that you already own.